Putting the Fun in FUNdraising TODAY!!

Whenever your organization needs to raise money Poppers KettleKorn Fundraising offers a great way to pop more profits. We start you off on the right foot with all natural products that appeal to a huge diverse range of customers. Did you know nine out of ten people like popcorn? And, most everyone loves KettleKorn! This makes fundraising easy because the product virtually sells itself. Customers are eager to purchase our delicious, unique, and hard-to-find products.


We can create Kettle Korn in your custom colors or any special combinations needed for your event or organization. We also throw in a popcorn kick-off party for each organization! Each party consists of an individual-sized bag of our Original KettleKorn for each person, Plus a large sample pack to get you going!!

How it Works - Two Options for Fundraising

Option 1: Pre-sales

Each participant takes an order form and brochure of products around to friends, family, neighbors, relatives and co-workers. Payments are collected as orders are taken. Depending on the organization, a window of two to three weeks is suggested for collecting orders. After the forms have been turned in Orders are tallied, the orders will be popped fresh at the pre-booked location you setup, your organization can arrange to pick-up the fresh popped corn and deliver it to your eagerly awaiting customers. Payment is due on terms as agreed upon!


Option 2: Direct Sales

An alternative to the pre-sale program is to purchase Fresh popped KettleKorn at our fundraising prices for re-sale. This method works well for organizations that have an opportunity to sell directly to large groups over a one or two day period. For instance, youth groups may purchase the products to sell to the congregation after Sunday services. To ensure maximum product freshness, please sell the products within two weeks of delivery.


Plan your Fundraiser

Fundraiser coordinators please fill-out this form for more details and to obtain a fundraising informational packet.

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